Never too early

One should get start the financial planning

 to live a stress-free life ahead.


It’s Never too Early to Save

Normally, people tend to defer financial planning towards their mid-life or when they are approaching the retirement age.  There cannot be a bigger financial folly bigger than this.

Don’t be tempted by your current comfortable financial position.  Your current salary could be adequate enough to meeting your expenses, especially when you are unmarried or recently married with no kids.  This comfort is bound to shrink gradually.  So be proactive. Discipline yourselves to save something for tomorrow and invest wisely.

If you’re in your early adulthood and are starting off on your first ever employment, then this one is for you.

Start saving right now.     

Because the sooner you begin, the better equipped you will be to deal with future uncertainties.

  • Cost of healthcare for you and your family will be constantly rising,
  • Cost of education for your child will be steadily on the rise,
  • Your dream house will cost you more with the passage of time,
  • You would celebrate your children’s marriage in a style,
  • Your expenses are again going increase steadily,
  • Your life style expenses, like foreign trip, would go up.
  • Last but not the least, you need to be well prepared with contingency funds.

Life is full of uncertainties, which creates financial stress also.  Pain of such stress is greatly reduced with smooth financial position.

No matter what age you are, there are steps you can take that will help you secure your financial security. M4Money can put you on the right path, whether you’re just entering the workforce or beginning to contemplate a long retirement.

  • If you are in 20s : Now is a great time to start thinking about retirement when time is on your side.
  • If you are in 30s : Don’t procrastinate further! It’s time to get serious about your financial future.
  • If you are in 40s : It’s time to take stock of what you have and review your goals.
  • If you are in 50s : It’s never too late to begin planning for retirement, but time is of essence.

With the magic of compounding interest, your investments will yield handsome returns over a longer period. For example, saving Rs.1000 p.m. from the age of 25 years will yield.) retirement fund of Rs.38 lacs (assumed rate of return – 10% p.a). It will be substantially reduced at only Rs.23 lacs, i.e. 60% lower, when such saving is delayed by five years i.e. age of 30 years. Similarly, a retirement corpus of crore will need saving of Rs.2613 p.m. at the age of 25 years, which will go up to Rs.4388 p.m. if one start it at the age of 30.  Impact of compounding gets stronger and stronger with longer time horizons.

Everybody craves for freedom from financial worries.  Only those who start financial planning early will be able to actually achieve it.

Never too early!

Get started and reap dividend of life long happiness


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